Why apartheid was bad for the

The Population Registration Act of provided the basic framework for apartheid by classifying all South Africans by race, including Bantu black AfricansColoured mixed race and white.

Asker's rating Clearly you don't understand what really happened during Apartheid. The Suppression of Communism Act of banned any party subscribing to Communism.

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Opposition to Apartheid Resistance to apartheid within South Africa took many forms over the years, from non-violent demonstrations, protests and strikes to political action and eventually to armed resistance. Inthe United Kingdom and United States imposed economic sanctions on the country.

Even though there are now some darker faces among the ruling classes, that fact remains--but that problem is another chapter of the story. The two coexisted, and OP wants to take the discordant and disjointed justifications and claims while ignoring the actual effects. To suggest this was fair and free separation requires that we ignore a history of colonization, subjugation, dispossession, and disempowerment that goes back to the s when Bantu-speakers could first enter the Cape Colony on a permanent basis if not before.

To reside in a city, blacks had to be in employment there. This law was used to discriminate against the non-whites who were already living in the cities. Bymost resistance leaders had been captured and sentenced to long prison terms or executed.

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But he says this: First of all, Portuguese travelers encountered Bantu-speakers east of the Kei River as early as the s; names we can recognize of major kings start appearing in the early s.

Heads of the homelands? Ask a black person who lived under apartheid and wasn't in a position of authority what it was like. Apartheid had two faces: In some places of Africa apartheid still exists.

Why was Apartheid that Bad?

So yes, the world freaked out about these racist laws as they should havebut the rule of the NP was also oppressive to most white people as well.

Many had opposed a republic, leading to a majority "no" vote in Natal.


Why did it start? And it would have ended sooner had the Cubans and Soviets not gone hell-bent for leather to roll through Angola. Some of this is correct--the first two sentences. They were very obviously unfair.I will leave aside the fact that homeland policy--grand apartheid--was only one part of the whole; petty apartheid, the day to day restrictions and harassment of nonwhites (and sometimes whites), was arguably much more threatening to people.

Apartheid was bad because it violated human rights. That is why it was done away with.

What does apartheid mean?

The Apartheid regime was an autocratic political system introduced in South Africa in order to maintain or sustain White rule in. Apartheid which means being apart, segregati on based on skin. Feb 23,  · I personally do not see what was that bad about it.

Is it not recommended to keep tribes away from developed areas. I mean the Afrikaners brought all of the major cities such as Jo'burg, Cape Town etc. out of the ground so why should some black who belongs to a tribe be given access to such places if they paid nothing towards dfaduke.com: Resolved.


Feb 23,  · There is a good reason why white South Africans overwhelmingly voted to end Apartheid. There is a good reason they wanted De Klerk to free Mandela and to bring about a true democracy.

There is a good reason most white South Africans see Mandela as their liberator as dfaduke.com: Resolved. Why apartheid was bad for the blacks in South Africa? Durin9 Apartheid was made to driscriminate native south africans.

Why apartheid was bad for the
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