The making of a quagmire book review

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The Making Of A Quagmire: Book Review Essay Sample

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The Making Of A Quagmire: America and Vietnam During the Kennedy Era

The Vietcong had the aid of the peasants, and it gave them enough cover up to turn the Government and the Americans in circles. His accounts of progress--rather, the lack of it--in the war against the Viet Cong, and of the incredible political scene, ran counter to our official line of "cautious optimism" and brought him a great deal of harsh criticism from high places as well as the Pulitzer prize.

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The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

This is a book about Vietnam, and for straight, readable reportage, it is beyond doubt the best so far: It is also a book about reporting, specifically the difficulties involved in reporting on so confusing and misunderstood a story as Vietnam has been for so long.

1 Pages ( words) Book Report/Review Ethical decision making in schools To this end, Ethical Decision Making in School Administration, works to detail the various decisions that school administrators must make that have a direct impact on the ethical culture of society.

The Making of a Quagmire offers numerous insights into the conflict between the American press and the U.S. government that began in those years and ultimately played a major role in the war.

The book is a valuable introduction to Vietnam in the era of John F. Kennedy and Ngo Dinh Diem.

The making of a quagmire book review
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