Possible essay questions for world war 2

Kramer developed his theory of Cultural Fusion[9][10] a, [11] a, [10] [12] a, [11] [13][14] [15] maintaining clear, conceptual distinctions between assimilation, adaptation, and integration.


We do know that the percentage of citizens i. So far, war has been the only force that can discipline a whole community, and until and equivalent discipline is organized, I believe that war must have its way.

This is why military discipline in the field can be harsh -- because the alternative is a total breakdown of authority. Why was compulsory military service accepted in Europe but not in those two countries? It is because any group, in order to be strong against an outside enemy, must be well disciplined, harmonious, and peaceful inside; in other words, because discord inside would cause defeat in battle with another group.

Which preponderated is a question of the intensity of the competition of life at the time. This natural sort of feeling forms, I think, the innermost soul of army writings. The four great motives which move men to social activity are hunger, love, vanity, and fear of superior powers.

General Homer Lea, in his recent book The Valor of Ignorance, plants himself squarely on this ground. By more than 50 percent of American features were made in colour, and the figure reached 94 percent by The post war plan that he had created was dependant upon the creation of an open market economy, and the prevailing nature of the dollar.

When the veteran begins to tell a story, encourage them. In societies where cultural exclusion is promoted, individuals often adopt marginalization strategies of acculturation.

Possible essay questions for world war 2

Kramer refers to changes in each culture due to acculturation as co-evolution. How did your career develop after that? Since its debut inRobert Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers has been one of the most popular -- and controversial -- works of science fiction ever published.

The Mohaves and the Seri of southern California will have no relations of marriage or trade with any other people; they think themselves superior.

World War 1 essay questions

Sergeant Zim, Johnny's lead drill sergeant and a major character, comments that he did not speak English when he arrived at boot camp, and that this is not an unusual occurrence; Almost all pilots are female, because they are far and away more capable than men at doing the job.

It is important to note that this group fully intends to return to their native country. Third, Frankel could have remanded him to a regular military court for a general court-martial.

At the end of the interview, be sure to also ask if there is anything you left out that the veteran would like to mention. It says that everybody, male or female, should have his born right to pay his service and assume full citizenship -- but the facts are that we are getting hard pushed to find things for all the volunteers to do that aren't just glorified KP.

They are its first form, but that is no reason for supposing them to be its last form. There is no reason to think, though, that the situation presented to the vast majority of the citizens in the book -- two years of peacetime service -- is any more likely to make them militarists than it did the World War II generation in America.

If we speak of the fear of emancipation from the fear-regime, we put the whole situation into a single phrase; fear regarding ourselves now taking the place of the ancient fear of the enemy. At the turn of the 21st century, funding for films remained low, although the market for films was the greatest ever.


We can see how the king's peace grew by the following case: Steinmetz is a conscientious thinker, and his book, short as it is, takes much into account. This is the house-peace. It is when two men are striving side by side in the struggle for existence, to extort from nature the supplies they need, that they come into rivalry and a collision of interest with each other takes place.

Here is my take: A Marine 3-star general is talking to a bunch of noncoms -- "he has more stars than they have stripes.

Origins of World War II, 1919-41

If any group which possesses deposits of salt, flint-stone fit for implements, pipe-stone, water supply, or special foods should try to prevent others from having access to the same, all others would join in war against that one until an agreement was made and established by usage.

Because of this, cultural appropriation for monetary gain is typically viewed negatively, and has sometimes been called "cultural theft". Hendrick wouldn't have suffered, but Frankel would have been derelict in his duty, both for failing to enforce the regulation and for sending a message indicating that it was okay to strike superior officers.

But, as things stand, I see how desperately hard it is to bring the peace-party and the war-party together, and I believe that the difficulty is due to certain deficiencies in the program of pacifism which set the military imagination strongly, and to a certain extent justifiably, against it.

As for the lack of female MIs, given the rigors of the training process, I don't this any more surprising than the dearth of male pilots.

If by greater culture a higher organization becomes possible, two groups coalesce by intermarriage or conquest, competition gives way to combination again, and the bigger unit enters into competition with other composite units.

We can now see why the sentiments of peace and cooperation inside are complementary to sentiments of hostility outside. Australia produced nearly films between and —more than had been made in all of its prior history.

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Hist Exam 2 Possible Essay Questions.

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STUDY. PLAY. Extended-response essay questions (30 points): Would this be an accurate assessment of his foreign policy looking at his involvement in the Mexican Revolution and World War I?

Type of foreign policy, practiced by Wilson, said that it was America's duty to spread democracy and freedom to all. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

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The answer to questions like these can become a good starting point of The Post-World War II World. An Overview of the Key Events of World War II.

Possible essay questions for world war 2
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