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Follow the format found in the handout of Patti Cohen's "Should Judges…? When will you do what for the non-profit?

When in doubt about whether or not to give a citation, always give a citation. Attendance I do not distinguish between excused and unexcused cuts. You must use a visual aid. Attendance I do not distinguish between excused and unexcused cuts.

In addition, on the workshop day or the following class period, you might be called upon to give a speech about the topic on which you wrote your essay. Some category or theme of your own choice. Use the stylistic resources of rhetoric and display a literary impulse.

It is always better to be more specific: If you're not in class, you are not contributing: Assuming that Gorgias is correct that language has great potential for the control of the mind of others, what are the dangers of eloquence mit opencourseware writing and humanistic studies what if anything can and should society do about those dangers and potential?

Your speech itself must use rhetorical strategies and devices in order to persuade us. Written Work Types of Essays Rhetorical Analysis-- In such an essay, you discuss such things as the rhetorical situation who was the intended audience, what was the author's main purpose, what was the context?

Remember, citing sources enhances your ethos with your readers. The first extemporaneous speech will be your speech of self-introduction during the 2nd class meeting. It should establish some connection between audience and rhetor i.

Writing and Reading the Essay

Academic and professional honesty requires that you give credit where credit is due. Does it mean, for instance, that if Q murders someone, we should "turn the other cheek" and not punish him and, in fact, should offer ourselves as his next victim?

You and your writing are part of the course. Make a persuasive case that the text is indeed an example of rhetoric. Because some of your readers do not know you personally, you must prove to them that you are a thoughtful, intelligent person who has carefully considered all sides of the issue before writing the essay.

If you wish, you may work in teams at a site but your final documents presented to me must be individual efforts. Similarly, research is crucial that locates not only your opposition's arguments e.

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There are 3 penalty-free cuts that you should save for illness, religious reasons, job interviews, and the like. The Uses of Symbolism White, V. Whatever issue you select, adopt a position and persuade us that your position is more valid, more logical, more effective, more whatever than any other.

Con arguments as a numbered list. Confutatio or Refutatio Refutation -- This section answers the opposition's counter arguments: Feel free to use examples from your own life or from other sources to illustrate your position.

Woolf, Sanders, Ozick, Baker, Lee. You must treat your opponents and readers with respect, showing that you realize that they too are intelligent people of good will.

To accomplish these tasks, you need to explain concepts and show your logical thought processes how you got from point A to point R ; think of it as analogous to doing a math problem-- the professor wants to see your "work" the process you used to get to the answernot simply the answer itself.

Obviously SL has a time commitment of hours during the semester of working at a site or for the non-profit e. Should tolerance be considered a desirable trait to have? In yet other words, you must understand both positions well enough to appreciate the strengths and shortcomings of each.

Or your own topic about a moral or rhetorical controversy. Use the concepts, terminology, theories, and insights that we've read about and discussed throughout the semester to explain your strategies, etc. One of the major purposes of doing research is to test our thesis against the best arguments of the opposition.

You must be on time for class. Each essay has at least 2 drafts Your essays must have at least 2 drafts:Support for MIT OpenCourseWare's 15th anniversary is provided by About MIT OpenCourseWare OCW is a free and open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum.

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Hand in the piece(s) of writing you have done for your non-profit organization (e.g., a newsletter, a brochure, an article, a Web page). OR write a persuasive exploration of. Free MIT courses, including videos, audio, simulations, lecture notes, and exams. However, if you visit the Writing Center to discuss your Mandatory Revision with one of the Center's professional Writing Consultants, you automatically receive up to a 1-week penalty-free extension beyond that due date (this.

Writing and Reading Short Stories - MIT Creative Writing Course Find this Pin and more on Writing and Humanistic Studies at MIT | Free from MIT OpenCourseWare by MIT OpenCourseWare. MIT has a ton of FREE lectures and notes from their courses - and not just for the STEM subjects.

Mit opencourseware writing and humanistic studies
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