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The constitution also relates to the fact that human life is very important to the county and that is why the government takes it as a very serious responsibility to protect human life Levy, Burgoyne decided to attack.

Overnight on 29 September Cornwallis abandoned his outer positions, and moved his force into the inner defences. The British aim was to retain their colonial territories outside the Essay on american independence colonies, and if possible split the Americans from their French allies.

The only big city in the southern colonies was now in British hands.

American War for Independence

The second was to be sent to reinforce the forces in Boston, to be used to capture New York and perhaps meet up with the army marching down from Canada. On 29 April he marched north into South Carolina. Under the terms of the Act, scheduled to take effect on 1 November, almost anything formally written or printed would have to be on special stamped paper for which a tax must be paid.

In both cases the defences were strong, and at Camden Lord Francis Rawdon was an able commander, with five years of experience in America. Burgoyne's plan was to march from Canada along the Richelieu River, then Lake Champlain before crossing the twenty mile gap to the Hudson River, from where they would march down-river to meet up with another force marching up from New York.

By this point all the states apart from New York had approved independence although Pennsylvania was also unconvinced. What is cheating essay success definition school and education essay lunch proposal.

The movement was precipitated by the fact that the blacks were being discriminated in various fronts and there existed Whites only social places. On 14 August, news arrived that Grasse was sailing for the Chesapeake, with twenty-nine ships and three thousand men.

The British were also tired, and the roads increasingly muddy, but Cornwallis still came close to catching Washington at New Brunswick on 1 December, but was under orders to proceed no further until Howe joined him. Spain had also entered the war on the American side, and from Louisiana launched an attack on West Florida now mostly part of Mississippi and Alabamaand in May captured Pensacola.

Parker on the other hand was keen for action.

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The failure of this assault ended the best chance the Americans had for victory in Canada. These poor relations were to play a crucial part in the disaster at Yorktown. At the same time news of the Quebec Act reached the colonies.

They handled the issue of American taxation in a relatively clumsy manner, but they learned their lesson. From August the American forces were commanded by General Gates.

First, it was well positioned to watch the British, eighteen miles to the southeast at Philadelphia. He was outnumbered, had limited supplies and no naval support.

Paine journeyed to Paris to oversee a French translation of the book in the summer of This was not to be carried out. This was now changed so that the Crown could appoint the councillors. The colonies were not in a state of economic crisis; on the contrary, they were relatively prosperous.

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Greene was determined to attempt to defeat Stuart, who he held to be a much inferior commander to Rawdon. At two in the afternoon, to the sound of mournful music, the British marched into captivity.

From Massachusetts Samuel Adams issued a circular letter calling for common action against the Act. Prevost refused to surrender and the allies made preparation for a siege.

Lucia, another 3, to reinforce the Floridas, now of sudden importance, and to detach yet more men to defend Halifax. This second proclamation was widely regarded as having broken the terms of the original paroles, and many men returned to the fight.

Burgoyne was forced to withdraw to Saratoga, where he was to remain for the next three weeks while the American forces surrounding him rapidly increased in number. It allowed for tolerance of French Catholicism, even giving the Catholic majority a place on the new Canadian council.

Outnumbered by hostile forces, the British column was being slowly destroyed by sniping until it met up with a relief force at Lexington and was able to return relatively safely to Boston. Rather than isolating Massachusetts, these acts united the colonies in protest. This challenged the idea that reconciliation with Britain was possible and instead spoke out strongly for the idea of independence.

Finally, the rebellious attitude that had prompted many to join the army also made them resistant to taking orders from officers they had not selected.

The Declaration of Independence

For a week Burgoyne sat and waited for Clinton, before on 14 October beginning surrender negotiations with Gates. He unsuccessfully tried to bring the colonies together to defend themselves against Indian and French threats.An Essay on US Independence Day for Kids, Children and Students Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,declaring independence from Great Britain.

American Independence came to an official close in by the Treaty of Versailles. The signatories of the Treaty were England, America, France and Spain.

The main clauses of the Treaty were. The Declaration of Independence 17 Jul — Essay Samples The main mastermind of the declaration was Thomas Jefferson and it was fueled by the effort of the congress to initiate independence talks with Great Britain before the American Revolution.

Custom American Independence essay paper America attained independence in July 2, when the American colonies were officially separated from Great Britain (Bailyn, ). This separation took place when the Second Continental Congress voted and approved a resolution of independence. Essay title: American War for Independence Perhaps the most famous of all progressive historians is Frederick Jackson Turner.

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